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1.4.10 Safeguarding Children and Young People from Sexual Exploitation


The information in this chapter is taken from Government guidance documents as listed below. It should be read in conjunction with the London Safeguarding Children Procedures regarding sexual exploitation of children and young people and related procedures in this manual.


Child Sexual Exploitation: Definition and Guide for Practitioners (DfE, February 2017) - definition and a guide for practitioners, local leaders and decision makers working to protect children from child sexual exploitation

What to do if you Suspect a Child is being Sexually Exploited - guidance to help practitioners identify the signs of child abuse and neglect and understand what action to take.

Centre of Expertise on Child Sexual Abuse

Barnardos - Child Sexual Exploitation – resources and research on CSE

Child sexual exploitation: Practice Tool (2017) (open access) - further background information about child sexual exploitation and additional commentary around some of the complexities of practically responding to the issue.

National Crime Agency - UK Human Trafficking Centre

Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation: Progress Report - gives an update on action the government is taking to deal with child sexual exploitation.

Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation: A Resource Pack for Councils - includes case studies

Responding to Child Sexual Exploitation – College of Policing

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse – The Children’s Commissioner

Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) for the 21st Century, Brook, PSHE Association and Sex Education Forum


In October 2017 this chapter was replaced with a link to the Hillingdon Child Sexual Exploitation Prevention and Intervention Strategy on the Hillingdon LSCB website.

Click here to see the Hillingdon Child Sexual Exploitation Prevention and Intervention Strategy.