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9.3.6 Placement Transfers


During a young person’s period in a secure facility, the need may arise for them to be transferred to another unit. The transfer will usually be arranged on a planned basis, but occasionally there will be the need for emergency transfers.


  1. Planned Transfers
  2. Emergency Transfers

1. Planned Transfers

1.1 Recommendations for transfers would normally arise from discussions between the Youth Offending Team supervising officer and the accommodation unit. In the case of Detention and Training Orders, the formal mechanism of the review process for the Training Plans will be helpful for this kind of consideration. 
1.2 A recommendation for transfer is likely to be based on a revised view of vulnerability, based on new assessment information, or a need to achieve a more local placement.
1.3 Such a recommendation should be conveyed to the YJB Placement Team, who will endeavour to assist with booking an alternative placement, depending on competing demands for places. Representations about transfers should be made to the Deputy Manager of the Placement Team who has particular responsibility for managing this aspect of work.

2. Emergency Transfers

2.1 There may exceptionally be occasions when an emergency transfer has to be made without consultation with the YJB Placement Team. Such occasions might include fire, riot, or an emergency child protection concern. In such a circumstance, the transfer should be made on the basis of consultation between provider units, and if possible the Youth Offending Team. The transfer must be notified to the Placement Team within 24 hours, and if the new placement is confirmed, new authorisation forms will be issued.