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9.2.3 Court Duty Admin Procedures and Guidelines


This chapter was entirely revised and updated in April 2016 and should be re-read in full.


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1. Introduction
2. Duties and Responsibilities
  2.1 Pre Court
  2.2 Court
  2.3 Post Court

1. Introduction

The role of admin is central to the smooth and efficient running of the court duty system. The primary role of admin is to provide the court duty officer with comprehensive and up to date information and to accurately record court outcomes. In addition, admin are responsible for ensuring that the court filing system is properly maintained, that the necessary paper work is available and completed and that data is accurately inputted onto Careworks.

Most of the tasks detailed below relate primarily to the one Youth Court day at Uxbridge Magistrates Court (Thursday), where most Hillingdon young people will appear and where Hillingdon YOS will always have a Court Duty Officer. However, it is also important that admin keep accurate records of young people appearing in the Magistrates Court and extra Youth Courts at Uxbridge, other Youth Courts and Crown Courts. Admin must ensure that the Duty Officer is aware of young people due to appear in court so that they are prepared for any requests that might arise and so that outcomes and results can be obtained.

2. Duties and Responsibilities

2.1 Pre-Court

  1. Print court list from secure email copy to be given to the Court Officer, for the pre screening process to be carried out;
  2. Complete referral forms for all new referrals (Orange for within borough and white for out of borough);
  3. If Out of Borough young people appear on the court list contact the relevant YOS to establish if they are known to them, if they are known find out how they are known and whether they are on orders etc. and how they are complying with that order. Let them know what the young person is on the court list for.

    Checks on all new referrals:

    Careworks – enter details of new referrals on the system; ensure referrals are tied up with details of previous out of court disposals and/or court appearances in the court file; put details of any previous or existing orders and their current responsible officer (if applicable) on the new referral form, Put new referrals into existing court files or make up new court files (orange for Hillingdon young people; white for young people from other areas).
  4. Check court diary and court list and ensure that all relevant court files are available for the court duty officer and that copies of reports are available if due on that date including breaches that have been listed. Also if young person is already known check to see if recent PSRs/Panel Reports available just in case a young person enters a guilty plea and that PSR/Panel Report could be used (7 copies required).

2.2 Court

  1. To record outcomes in the court room on the orange form and complete a blue notification form if order or reports have been requested. Blue notifications that have been completed for Referral Orders/PSRs passed to Court Officer ready for interviews to be carried out within the YOS Court Office;
  2. Whilst Court Officer is carrying out these interviews the Court Admin will remain in court to provide the written report if requested;
  3. Check that new referrals have been completed for any first appearances arising from the extras list received at court and carry out tasks 3 and 4 as in pre court duties;
  4. Ensure that a Notification Form has been completed for all report requests (including stand-downs) and orders made;
  5. Check the court admin file at court to ensure that there are adequate supplies of the necessary forms, bail/custody packs and leaflets including the Attendance Centre appointment leaflets.

2.3 Post Court

  1. Enter all court outcomes/results on Careworks; including type of hearing, bail/remand decision or outcome/sentence and next court date if appropriate;
  2. Enter next court dates (where appropriate) in court diary;
  3. Once all outcomes have been entered on to careworks, email to be sent to All YOS staff informing them of outcomes for PSR Requests, Referral Orders, YROs, and Failure to Attend. Also enter on the email who you have passed each blue form to;
  4. All Blue notifications with the CPS papers if available to be given to the Duty Senior for that day for them to be allocated;
  5. Notify other YOTs by fax or secure email where appropriate (using referral form and continuation sheets and notification form) of outcomes/results/requests concerning young people from their area, and post CPS papers if available;
  6. Complete and fax/email the Attendance Centre Requirement Notification (West London Attendance Centre only). Include the appointment date that has been given to the young person.