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1.8.2 Case Recording and Auditing Procedure - Private Fostering


The contents of this document apply to all staff, including managers, who are involved in cases where there has been notification of a Private Fostering arrangement.


This document provides guidance in the auditing of practice in cases where there is a Private Fostering arrangement in place. The Auditing Policy and Procedure ensures that electronic and paper files are audited routinely to assure social care practice and decision making. It includes auditing compliance with recording practices as detailed in the Records Management Policy and Procedure (24/00).

The overarching aim of the audit is to improve the quality of services and outcomes for users. Case files will be examined to ensure that all relevant practice and quality issues are captured. The information gained will be used for continuous quality improvement within the performance management framework.


  1. Introduction
  2. The Audit Process
  3. The Audit Tool
  4. File Selection
  5. Performance Standards

    Appendix 1- Children and Families Services Quality Practice Checklist

1. Introduction

  • The aim of the Private Fostering Audit policy and procedure is to develop and maintain a culture in which the requirements of The Children (Private Arrangements for Fostering) Regulations 2005 are complied with;
  • The audit involves the participation of all workers in Education and Children’s Services and is intended to encourage continuous improvement of outcomes for users and ensure the spread of good practice right across the system.

2. The Audit Process

  • The audit process will be undertaken monthly and will identify evidence, which meets the standards set out in the audit tool;
  • A service manager will be responsible for carrying out the audit;
  • The audit will be evidence based and require making a judgement as to whether the evidence meets the standards set out in the audit tool.

3. The Audit tool

  • The audit tool consists of a list of questions based on The Children (Private Arrangements for Fostering) Regulations 2005.

4. File Selection

  • Each month one file must be selected and put forward for audit;
  • The file selected should be one in which the worker has recorded information;
  • A different file should be selected each month.

5. Performance Standards

  • The Private Fostering Audit Tool sets out the Standards which will help the department to assess the quality of practice in this area. The standards set out below are:
Standard 1 Young persons details are accurately and comprehensively recorded on the file
Standard 2 Details of the private fostering arrangement is accurately and comprehensively recorded on the file
Standard 3 Private fostering assessment was completed and written up within timescales
Standard 4 If required an interpreter was used in the assessment process and documents have been provided in the service user’s first language where required
Standard 5 Children’s wishes and feelings have been ascertained and recorded on file
Standard 6 Assessment has included suitability of accommodation
Standard 7 Contact arrangements are clearly recorded
Standard 8 Financial arrangements have been assessed and are recorded on file
Standard 9 There is a full assessment of child(ren)’s needs to include health, education, identity, emotional and behavioural development.
Standard 10 There has been detailed exploration of decision making responsibilities
Standard 11 All parties have been given information leaflets about Private Fostering duties/responsibilities
Standard 12 Case was presented to panel within timescales
Standard 13 Case received approval from panel and result is recorded
Standard 14 Views of all parties are recorded
Standard 15 There is an up to date signed written agreement
Standard 16 Other local authority has been informed if child(ren) have moved out of borough
Standard 17 Visits carried out according to statutory guidelines

Appendix 1 - Children and Families Services Quality Practice Checklist

Click here to view Children and Families Services Quality Practice Checklist.