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December 2023

Caption: Dec 2023
Updated Chapters
Chapter Name Details
Capacity and Consent Amendments have been made to reflect case-law in relation to assessing legal capacity.
Care and Supervision Proceedings and the Public Law Outline Information has been added into Section 4, Care Orders and Supervisions Orders on a Care Plan of the Child Remaining at Home in relation to Supervision Orders, in line with Public Law Working Group (PLWG) Recommendations to Achieve Best Practice in the Child Protection and Family Justice Systems: Supervision Orders.
Young Carers This chapter has been refreshed.
Placement in Residential Care This chapter has been updated to include information from Guidance - Placing Children: Deprivation of Liberty Orders - guidance for providers, social workers and placement commissioners on placing children, subject to a deprivation of liberty order (DoL), in unregistered settings and President of the Family Division Practice Guidance: Placements in Unregistered Children’s Homes in England or Unregistered Care Home Services in Wales).
Placements in Other Arrangements This chapter has been refreshed.
Supporting the Education and Promoting the Achievement of Children with a Social Worker, Looked After and Previously Looked After Children This chapter has been refreshed.
Aftercare under Section 117 of the Mental Health Act 1983 Section 2, Ordinary Residence has been updated in line with case law.
Adoption Support This chapter has been refreshed.
Allegations against Prospective Adopters and in Relation to Children Placed for Adoption or Already Adopted This chapter has been amended in line with revised Keeping Children Safe in Education. New Section 2, The Difference Between an Allegation of Harm and a Concern has been added.
Early Permanence: Fostering for Adoption, Concurrent Planning and Temporary Approval as Foster Carers of Approved Prospective Adopters This chapter has been refreshed and a link added to National Early Permanence Practice Standards (Coram Centre for Early Permanence).
Friends and Family Care Section 4, Different Situations whereby Children may be Living with Family and Friend Carershas been updated to include information about Ukrainian children being cared for my family and friends in the UK.
Children and Young People Aged 0-25 with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information has been added into Section 15, Resolving Disagreements in relation to legal aid for foster carers and prospective adoptive parents in First Tier Tribunal appeals. information from Special Educational Needs and Disability: Improving Local Authority Decision Making - Report of the Administrative Justice Council’s Working Group on Special Educational Needs and Disability has also been also added.
Children with No Recourse to Public Funds Section 5.2.5, Providing Support has been updated to reflect the Home Office increase in financial support to individuals waiting to find out if they will be given asylum in the UK.
Unaccompanied Migrant Children and Child Victims of Trafficking and Modern Slavery Information has been added in to Section 4,Assessment in relation to the National Age Assessment Board.
Local Contacts This chapter has been updated.
Designated Managers This listing has been updated.
New Chapters and Features
Chapter Name Details
Health and Safety This chapter has been added to the manual.
Ofsted Framework This chapter has been added to the manual.
Removed chapters
  • Safer Recruitment Model Policy and Procedures

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